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Our goal as Ecuadoradvisor is to help you plan your vacation to Ecuador and make it the best experience as possible. We know that it can be hard to plan a trip at any place, and with the use of Ecuadoradvisor we make it eaiser fo you to plan a wonderful trip. There is so much to explor in Ecuador that we will make it eaiser and quicker in seeing where you want to eat, stay, explor, etc. This beautiful country is a paradise everywhere you look at. Let yourself be amazed by its beauty, and plan your trip to Ecuador with Ecuadoradvisor.

About Ecuador

Once a part of both the Inca and later, the Spanish Empires, Ecuador still displays many influences from both groups, most notably in the rich culture of its people and the splendid colonial architecture of the capital city of Quito, much of which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It's famous for being home to the Galapagos Islands, but there is so much more to the fourth smallest nation in South America. The summit of Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador's highest mountain, is the point Earth is the most closest to the sun. Due to the mountain's location along the equatorial bulge, its summit is the farthest point from the Earth's core. This also means that Ecuador is the closest country to space. All of these things are what make Ecuador a great place to travel to.

More about Ecuadoradvisor

Ecuadoradvisor is a new website and app that started in early 2021. We know that it can get stressful to plan any vacation, that's why Ecuadoradvisor was created. With Ecuadoradvisor we help you find great deals to a trip to Ecuador. Our team has 24/7 customersupport, and if you want you cant get the Free Ecuadoradvisor app that has daily deals, Ecuadoradvisor rewards, bundles, ways to save some money on your trip, etc. Ecuadoradvisor also has one of the fastest booking out there; and if something comes up and you need to cancel your trip to Ecuador, we have FREE cancellations. We want our customersto have the best experience when they go to Ecuador. We are the one-stop travel site for your dream vacation to the beautiful country of Ecuador. We hope that you choose Ecuadoradvisor to help you plan your trip to Ecuador.

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We help our customer find the best hotels in any part of Ecuador. These hotels make you feel like your in paradies and in some cases we can help you find amazing hotel with a low booking prices. Our main goal when finding a hotel for you is to make you feel very happy and relaxed.


Vacation Rentals

We help our customer find the best vacation rentals in any part of Ecuador. Our main goal when finding a vacation rental for you is to make you feel like you are just at home, and we can also help find vacation rentals in a lower booking rate as well.



When looking for a flight fo Ecuador, we make sure to be in your budget and sometimes we can help you find a really good seat in the plane for a good price. Our goal is to help yoou start your trip right to Ecuador with a relaxing flight to Ecuador.

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There are many activities that you can do in Ecuador and sometimes it can be hard to decide what to do. That's why Ecuadoradvisor is here to help you with, we make sure that everyone of all ages can have fun with any of the acitivities that you decide to do.



In Ecuador you can find many different restaurants, and depending on what you like to help you eat we can find the perfect one. If your vegan, like to try exotic food, or just want to try something new; Ecuadoradvisor will help you find the perfect place to eat at with a good price.


Rental Cars

We know that sometimes people need a rental car in order to go to different places around Ecuador, so our tem helps you to find the perfect size car for you. Depending on the amount of days you will need the car, and what type of brand or car you get, the prices will be different.



We know that there are many people who love cruises, that's why we now help people find cruises in Ecuador for whenever they want a break from the world and want a to have the time of their life in sea, while also relaxing at the same time. These cruises inculde very fun events.

Example Activities


The adventure hub of Baños offerssome more whitewater action down the rushing Pastaza River. The dips and spills on class III & IV rapids can really add a jolt of adrenaline to any Ecuador trip! It's a pretty setting too, given the river flows down amidst towering canyon walls in some sections.

Swing off the End of the World!

This famous treehouse near Baños is the swing that started it all. It's often known as the "swing at the end of the world" and it's a must-do activity in this adventure hub town of Ecuador. The Casa del Arbol swing cost $1, given the swing's rise to fame, there is often a queue of people waiting to get their Instagram pic.

Galpagos Island

Galapagos Island are righty renowed as a bucket-listed destination. These fabled islands 600 mioes of the coast of Ecuador are home to remarkable species that can't be found anywhere else. Tourists who are lucky enough to visit are keen to see giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and to swim with friendly Galapagos sea lions.

Climb a Volcano

Rising 6,263 meters (nearly 4 miles high) Volcán Chimborazo isn't just the tallest mountain in Ecuador, this inactive stratovolcano is the furthest point on Earth's surface from the center of Earth. When measuring the height from the Earth's center, rather than sea level, Chimborazo clocks in even higher than Everest.

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