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Excision shows are like no other. A virtual apocalypse of twisting and morphing sounds turn massive crowds into a frenzy.
Earth-shattering walls of bass relentlessly smash upon the bodies of headbanging fans around the world.

Hailing from Kelowna, British Columbia

Abel A.K.A. Excision’s diverse skills as a DJ and producer constantly test the limits of electronic music with vastly different sets that encompass a full range of genres.

The things you see and hear during the precious time you are engaged by Excision’s sounds will eclipse your mind for a lifetime. With 10+ years of constant touring under his belt, two major music festivals to call his own in Bass Canyon (August – Washington) and Lost Lands (September – Ohio), multiple chart-topping hits and millions of screaming fans around the world, Excision has proven himself as the true champion of Bass Music. Excision’s fourth full-length studio album Apex (2018) adds another groundbreaking achievement to his already staggering collection of original music, following up from Virus (2016), Codename X (2015) and X Rated (2011), plus countless singles, collabs, mixes, and EPs over the last decade.

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He is the founder of Rottun Recordings and Subsidia Records.

In 2017, Excision announced the inaugural year of his own dinosaur-themed music festival, Lost Lands. Lost Lands took place at Legend Valley, Ohio 29 September through 1 October 2017. The lineup consisted of many of the top bass music DJs including Excision, Seven Lions, Rezz, Zeds Dead, 12th Planet, Destroid, Kill The Noise, and many more.On 14 August 2018, Excision released his fourth studio album, Apex. The album took two years to make and it contains 14 songs and collaborations with artists including Dion Timmer, Sullivan King, Space Laces, Illenium and others. Excision stated that the album is a celebration of all he's accomplished in his career. In September, 2020, Excision announced his new record label, Subsidia Records, and launched three compilations consisting of 118 bass songs, ranging from Experimental Bass, Melodic Bass and Heavy Bass. He also released a one-and-a-half-hour long mix from his Lost Lands: Couch Lands livestream, titled "Excision Subsidia Mix 2020", along with three new singles, "Necromancer" with Dion Timmer, "Demise" with PhaseOne, and "Erase You" with Wooli and HALIENE.

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Dj's & CEO's

  • "His energy and fans are crazy. He knows how to throw on a good show"
    Rodney Sacks - CEO Monster Energy
  • "He changed dubstep for everyone. He made dubstep asd EDM even bigger"
    Pasquale Rotella - Insomniac CEO
  • "When I first started with music he inspired me. Now we have two tracks together. He is a living legend."
    Nicholas D. Miller - Illenium Dj/Producer


This is a compilation of Excision throught the years.

Our Services

Excision and his team provides the best experience for the crowds all over the world.
We always give 100% of our effort.
Excision Entertainment

With Excisions music the crowd will always have a good time

Vj's Art

The VJ will always have visuals in the screen for the crowd to enjoy

Crowd Safety

There is always an ambuelence incase of an emergency and people from our team giving out water

Food Vendors!

We work with 2 different restaurants and there will always be food vendors for the crowd.


Laser/Light visuals to entretain the crowd


If Excision plays on your festival/show we can build more audience to sell more


Excision's team are sponsored by Monster so it can help a lot with marketing too


Excision's team will always have security for the people working in the festival/show

Our Team

Our team is a big team. Many people make shows amazing!
These are the three most important people in the team
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    Jeff Abel
    Dj / Producer / Founder
    Jeff Abel, better known by his stage name Excision. Owner of Subsidia and CEO of his team.
  • image-1
    Anthony Garcia
    Co-CEO / Light-Laser Manager
    Anthony Garcia A.K.A. Nice Lasers is the one who manages all lasers and lights to make the show intresting
  • image-2
    Daniel Shutt
    Co-CEO / Visual Manager
    Daniel has over 23 years of experience in the Visual Effects industry working as an artist as well as an instructor.

Pricing Info

Prices will always change depending on season or date.
These are the most common prices.


  • Full Team Management
  • Including Visuals and Lasers
  • Marketing
  • Security for our team and people working backstage


$75k /1hr 30min
  • Full Team Management Including Visuals and Lasers
  • Marketing and Sponsors
  • Food Vendors
  • Security for our team and people working backstage

Contact Us

For Booking and Inquiries let us know below!
Legend Valley, 7585 Kindle Rd,
Thornville, OH 43076
Our Phone
(718) 389-3163
Open Hours
We are avaliable 24/7